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New Drive Smarter Challenge Campaign

Focused totally on transportation, the new Drive Smarter Challenge campaign builds on the 6° concept with a fresh, new website and a sophisticated interactive challenge. A calculator computes not only an individual's savings through her or his individual actions, but also computes a running tally of savings by everyone who has taken the challenge. It demonstrates the impact of one person's actions multiplied by similar fuel-efficiency actions of family members, friends, and colleagues of all the people who share the tips and challenge others to participate.

The new website encourages people to:

  • Check out and download money-saving driving and vehicle maintenance tips.
  • Take the Drive Smarter Challenge – choose 1-6 fuel efficiency actions – and immediately see your savings calculations (money, gasoline, greenhouse gas emissions).
  • Help spread the word by telling 6 family members and friends about the Drive Smarter Challenge and become eligible for discount coupons for fuel-efficient products that can reduce gasoline bills.
  • See how individual actions and those of others who take the challenge create a multiplier effect.

Background — Setting the Stage for a Unique Campaign

In 2005, as energy supplies tightened and energy prices increased, 23 companies, trade associations, government bodies, and nonprofit organizations joined together with the Alliance to Save Energy in a Power Is in Your Hands campaign to help consumers lower their winter energy use and bills. The campaign developed valuable information that can be found at www.sixdegreechallenge.org.

The campaign's success attracted 32 of the same types of partners the following year for a second winter home energy-efficiency campaign with an exciting new concept and theme, 6° of Energy Efficiency Challenge. The interactive social website – www.sixdegreechallenge.org – encourages people to Test Their Energy IQ, Take the Challenge (pledge to adopt 1-6 energy-efficiency actions), and also create greater change through the multiplier effect by encouraging 6 family members, friends, colleagues, etc., to do the same. Website visitors also were encouraged to share their stories about using energy efficiency to save energy and money.

6° of Energy Efficiency highlights the surprising interconnectedness of energy-related issues. In ever-widening circles of action/reaction across the globe, our energy use affects:

  1. Ourselves
  2. Our families
  3. Our communities
  4. Our states
  5. Our country
  6. Our world

Our energy use touches many things we care about:

  1. The energy prices we pay at the pump and in our homes.
  2. Our home comfort — or discomfort if we don't do it right.
  3. The air we breathe and our respiratory health.
  4. Our economic well-being.
  5. Our energy security.
  6. The world we leave behind.

Intrigued by the 6° website and concept, NBC Universal's SCI FI Channel in 2007 broadened an existing partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy and together they attracted six additional partners to create a home-focused energy campaign, the Eureka Smart House Energy-Efficiency Challenge, featuring a national home energy-efficiency makeover contest. After entering the contest, contestants were asked to take the challenge at the 6° Challenge website.