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Fuel Efficient Resources

This list provides an extended source of website links that can help you be more fuel-efficient and save money. Information ranges from help in finding the cheapest gas to making your current vehicle more energy efficient. If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, there is advice on finding a fuel-efficient one. These links also provide information on a range of topics from public transportation routes to carpooling and car-sharing. We hope this information will answer any questions you may have about how to achieve fuel savings and allow you to make the best cost- and fuel-efficient choices to meet your personal transportation needs.

Where can I find the cheapest gas in my area?

Yesterday, the cheapest gas was two blocks north; today it is at the station around the corner. Do not waste money or time driving around comparing prices. Find out where the cheapest gas is in your neighborhood when you need it.

  • FuelEconomy.gov helps consumers make informed fuel economy choices when purchasing a vehicle and achieve the best fuel economy possible from the cars they own.
  • GasBuddy.com is a network of more than 185 gas price information web sites that help you find low gasoline prices.
  • MapQuest: Gas Prices includes maps of gas locations.

Why do gas prices always fluctuate?

Why is gas $3.01 per gallon in the morning but $2.98 per gallon in the evening? Even the same company‘s stations two miles apart frequently have different prices. Find out the multitude of factors that go into determining the price at the pump.

How can I reduce my vehicle's fuel costs?

In addition to the tips already listed on this website, there are loads of resources for getting better mileage out of your vehicle. Simple steps from making better driving choices to regular maintenance can save you cash at the pump.

Where can I get advice on buying a more fuel-efficient used or new vehicle?

Here are tips and resources to help you find the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your transportation needs and saves you money.

What are the most fuel-efficient vehicles?

If you are in the market for a vehicle – either new or used – here‘s where to find and compare the gas mileage for all types of vehicles, including sports cars, minivans, and SUVs.

What tax incentives are there for buying an alternative-fuel vehicle?

What types of vehicles are eligible for tax incentives? When do I have to purchase such a vehicle, and how much money will I receive? Does my state offer any rebates on top of any available federal incentives? Find out at the following links:

Where can I get information about what public transportation is available in my area?

By bus or rail, find public transportation in your area that fits your needs.

Where can I find information on biking/ walking to my destination?

If you live within several miles of your destination, try incorporating your commute into your workout schedule. These sites can give you information on topics from biking in traffic to dealing with bad weather. You can pre-plan your routes to avoid traffic and share directions with friends.

Where can I connect with others about carpooling in my area?

Work downtown, live in the suburbs? Find out who else is heading your way on your schedule. Or start your own carpool group and invite your colleagues to join.

  • eRideShare.com, post messages and find others to carpool with in your area
  • DivideTheRide.com offers tools to help organize a carpool system with people you know, includes a calendar and email and mobile phone reminder system
  • carpoolworld.com looks at exactly where everyone lives and works to find perfect carpool matches for everyone.

State-Specific Carpool Websites

Where can I rent a fuel-efficient vehicle?

Planning for a vacation or traveling out of town for work? A number of rental companies have a growing fleet of fuel-efficient and hybrid options.

City-Specific Resources:

Where can I learn about car sharing?

If you drive sparingly and do not want to worry about the ever-growing costs and hassles of owning a vehicle, you might want to consider car sharing. Increasingly popular, car-sharing plans, from paying monthly rates to renting by the hour, can be the less expensive – and more convenient – choice.

  • CarSharing.net, car-sharing information and links to cities where car-sharing is happening
  • ZipCar, provides by-the-hour car rentals in a variety of metropolitan areas throughout the United States